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Terrance( Pictured Right) , father of two was born in San Diego California. Grew up in small town of Serra Mesa surrounded with Love, adventure and positivity. “Growing up in a home with two former military veterans provided me structure from two unique perspectives. My Father born in Mississippi taught me patience and installed compassion for others on continuous basis. My Mother originally born in Ecuador and raised in New York City planted the seed of passion while teaching me compromise”. Brother to two siblings that are superstars in their own right. He deeply loves them and are proud of them for who they are and are becoming everyday.

Terrance is extremely thankful of all the things that he has learned from his mentors and co workers during the last 16 years. It has lead him to grow within the industry and helped him achieve personal milestones. Currently Terrance works with the San Diego Padres affiliate Lake Elsinore Storm where he is the Clubhouse Manager for future Padres players and also has the opportunity to build community partnerships utilizing Storm Stadium to provide affordable, family fun, educational materials to all families in Southern California.

Joseph, like Terrance was born and raised in San Diego California. Since the third grade, Joseph and Terrance have created a special bond through sports, family, and fun. Joseph is passionate about helping those who are less fortunate. Currently, Joseph works with Ignite Now Media, as an associate producer for a television show called, “The .American Dream”. Joseph also runs San Diego Stickball league in his spare time.


What we want

Providing fun memorable experiences to our military community through sports. Paying it forward while we play it forward


What we Plan

Helping serve those who serve us. Using sports to bring people together and bringing joy to all!


What we Achieved

We are an active charity company with more than 15 years experience involved with the sports industry.

Learn About Our programs

The Issues We Fight for


Our charity action is to spread our message and touch the lives of our military across the country!


For those concerned about the accountability, we've been involved with the community hosting many events and speaking engagements!




Mission Statement: The mission of Strike Out for a Cause is to provide memorable experiences to all people within the community to learn, laugh and love while competing in healthy activities to raising resources and funding to pay it forward benefiting foster care children.

“Play it Forward means paying it forward”

Cultural Values: All Strike out for a cause members believe in “doing the right thing no matter what” while accepting our differences, Respecting our differences and honoring our differences.

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